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Chris Cannam, 2014-07-09 02:26 PM

Release checklist

For the process of building and releasing binaries of a C++ Vamp plugin.

Code hygiene

Versioning and tagging

  • If this is a new release of a previously-released plugin, remember to increment the plugin's getPluginVersion() value

Categories and RDF

  • Make sure you have a sensible category file (.cat)
  • Generate an RDF template using the vamp-rdf-template-generator program found in rdf/generator in the Vamp plugin SDK, and edit it to contain correct metadata


Make sure each package contains at least the following files:

  • The plugin library!
  • README describing the plugin and how to use it, identifying the authors, with a link to a site about it
  • COPYING containing the licence for the plugin
  • CITATION containing BibTeX of any paper to cite when using the plugin in academic work