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h1. Release checklist

For the process of building and releasing binaries of a C++ Vamp plugin.

h4. Code hygiene

* Run the "Vamp Plugin Tester":/projects/vamp-plugin-tester on the plugin, under "valgrind":, and fix everything it reports. "valgrind":

h4. Versioning and tagging

* Check that copyright dates are correct and up-to-date
* If this is a new release of a previously-released plugin, remember to increment the plugin's @getPluginVersion()@ value
* Tag the repository when you have confirmed that the plugin builds successfully on all target platforms

h4. Categories and RDF

* Make sure you have a sensible category file (
* Generate an RDF template using the @vamp-rdf-template-generator@ program found in @rdf/generator@ in the Vamp plugin SDK, and edit it to contain correct metadata

h4. Platform builds

* Make sure your _release build_ is built in _release mode_ ! i.e. with optimization turned on.

* Top priority build targets:
** 32-bit Windows
** 64-bit OS/X Intel
** 64-bit Linux, _if_ you are not providing source

* Second-tier build targets:
** 32-bit Linux
** 64-bit Linux
** 32-bit OS/X Intel (or universal binary)

* Third-tier build targets:
** 64-bit Windows (may become higher-priority in future though)

* Test each platform build on the oldest and newest platform releases you intend to support -- e.g. Windows XP and Windows 8; OS/X 10.6 and 10.10.
* Test each build on an installation of the platform that does not have any developer tools installed.

h4. Packaging

* Make sure each package contains at least the following files:
** The plugin library!
** @README@ describing the plugin and how to install and use it, identifying the authors, with a link to a site about it
** @COPYING@ containing the licence for the plugin
** @CITATION@ containing BibTeX of any paper to cite when using the plugin in academic work
* Create the source package using @hg archive@ or equivalent to archive directly from your tagged version

h4. Publicity

* Send details of your plugin's download location and the RDF metadata file to for inclusion in "the download page":