RDF documents describing known Vamp plugins (from anywhere). If you've written a plugin and want to publish it, get in touch and find out how to add a description to this set.

These RDF documents are used to power the Vamp Plugins Download Page.

They are also published directly through the Vamp Plugins website, at http://vamp-plugins.org/rdf/plugins/, and are used by hosts to support searching for plugins by keyword etc.


Manager: Chris Cannam

Recent activity

2020-03-06 10:53 AM Chris Cannam
Revision 89:720decd4ceff: Add Tuning Difference RDF
2020-03-06 10:31 AM Chris Cannam
Revision 88:6e08f1136c49: Azi RDF fix
2020-03-06 10:19 AM Chris Cannam
Revision 87:05802142d682: Add Azi