User documentation

TouchKeys emulation with TouchOSC

2013-11-23 05:26 PM

It's possible to use the TouchKeys software without the hardware, emulating the TouchKeys with an iOS device. This document describes the steps to configure TouchKeys emulation.

Required Materials:

  • TouchKeys software (23 November build or later)

Getting started on Windows

2014-03-03 12:33 AM

The TouchKeys software runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit). To get started, in addition to the main TouchKeys application, you will need to install two third-party drivers.

TouchKeys device driver

The following driver from ST Microelectronics is needed to make the TouchKeys USB device appear on your system:

Technical documentation

Building from source (Mac/Linux)

2013-11-12 02:43 PM

Building the TouchKeys application from source requires the following three libraries:

1. Juce []: cross-platform C++ libraries covering everything from low-level data structures to a complete GUI toolkit.

2. boost []: C++ utility libraries. The required libraries are header-only (none of the compiled boost libraries are needed). Libraries used include boost::circular_buffer, boost::bind and boost::function.