Tony for Pitch-Only Annotation

Following discussion with JS on 13th December 2013.

The goal is to determine how to make an application for f0 annotation (without discrete notes).

Highest priorities not currently supported by Tony:

  • Sonify the continuous pitch track
  • Allow user to correct the main classes of pitch error:
    • Octave error up/down
    • Voicing errors (delete values, replace absences with values from pitch track)
    • Wrong pitch candidate from salience output (i.e. pick a different candidate)
  • Make the note track removable

Lower priorities:

  • Change the pitch extractor plugin
  • Draw pitch track or make other adjustments than choosing a different existing candidate

Sonification is a high priority for both Tony and SV already (see issue #821). The rest are all broadly in line with idea of Tony, though so far note editing has been prioritised.

Timescale is a concern (deadline end Feb?) -- from QM's point of view this is a desirable project and having a deadline would be useful to push work forward, but actually placing the resources may be tricky. To be discussed.