Tony Introduction

Tony is a program for computer-aided melody annotation. It has a graphical interface based on the SV libraries and uses the pYIN Vamp plugin to extract pitch track and notes from monophonic audio.


We provide ready-to-use software builds for Windows and Mac OSX on the Downloads page. On Windows you can simply download and run the installer (.msi), and on OSX you download the disk image (.dmg), open it and drag "Tony" into your Applications folder.

For Linux users with ample compilation experience we also provide the source code, available on the Downloads page. See here for notes on how to compile from source.


A reference manual can be found here.
Some quick starter tours can be found here.

Technical matters

pYIN Parameters - technical notes on the processing parameters in the pYIN plugin used by Tony, and how to set up the same configuration elsewhere (e.g. in Sonic Visualiser or Annotator).

Development Wiki

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