Monophonic Note Layer


A new monophonic note layer (MNL) is necessary because Sonic Visualiser does not implement two aspects that are crucial to Tony

  1. interactive update from pitch track, i.e. user change in the note track leads to re-estimation of note pitch from pitch track
  2. editing capabilities, in particular
    • continuous pitch (i.e. not just integer MIDI pitches)
    • fluid note boundary editing

From experience, the user interactions that are required the most are (most important first)

  1. splitting of notes (two separately sung notes, usually of the same pitch, auto-recognised as one)
  2. merging of notes (one perceived note auto-recognised as two)
  3. adjust start and/or end time of notes (rarely in the same direction!)
  4. removal of erroneously detected pitches
  5. addition of undetected pitches
  6. correction of octave errors

The MNL should cater for these.

George and Matthias have been brainstorming, and these actions seem to be a sensible choice.

  • clicking a note selects
  • double-clicking a note splits the note
  • double-clicking a note boundary merges the two adjoining notes
  • moving boundary handle to lengthen note pushes adjacent note's boundary
  • moving boundary to shorten the note creates space (rest) between the notes
  • moving boundary to duration 0 removes note

To make this work nicely, maybe, rests need handles, too.