Comments after Mini Workshop

This was collected at an internal C4DM mini-event to show off the first version of Tony, around mid-2013.

Comments with priorities (set by G+M)

  • (5) preference box / context menu / preferences
  • (3) switch between extraction methods
  • (2) right boundary action should push subsequent note onset to the right (optionally)
  • (1) select and copy/paste multiple notes
  • (5) merging notes
  • (4) import / export pitch track as well
  • (3) quantise notes
  • (5) sonification: none/click/piano/organ
  • (4) merge the tools, in particular: allow drag-scrolling in edit mode
  • (2) compile database of a few difficult pieces
  • (2) test different note trackers on database
  • (4) pitch scale of the side of the screen (for tuning or adding a new note)
  • (3) pitch scale on the pane (remove vertical grid instead?)
  • (2) be able to export both the non-quantized pitch and the quantised one
  • (5) particularly for cello, some of the lowest pitches are not tracked (missed)
  • (1) switching between different operation modes from mouse (if possible) -- might be an obsolete comment
  • (4) the waveform should be seen at the background of the pitch track and notes segments to enable more precise editing -- or similar, of course.