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Chris Cannam, 2010-11-07 10:03 AM

Version Control Problems

Some problems that complete beginners face when trying to create and work with repositories using current version control systems.


  • Puzzlement over "recommended" trunk/branches/tags structure

When instructing people how to create new projects, it's arguably simplest to ignore this and go for a structure that places them directly in the project directory. But that still results in confusion when checking out other people's projects that do have a difference between root URL and trunk URL.

  • Difference between repository and working copy

Not a problem for many people, but some seem to find the terminology confusing

  • Requirement to update/merge/resolve before commit if someone else has modified the repository

A good user interface can make this workflow clearer

  • Forgetting to "svn add" new files

User interface should make a prominent note of files that have been created since the last commit

  • Forgetting to use svn when renaming or removing files
  • Admin help required for corrupted working copy because of sensitivity to changes in .svn directories (reported)