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Chris Cannam, 2011-01-06 11:18 AM

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h1. Tips of the Day
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*Show your face*
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If you have a "Gravatar": image, it will appear alongside your user name in "activity pages":/activity and the like.  If you'd like to set up an image for this, just hop along to "Gravatar": and register an image using your email address as it appears on this site.
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*Import an existing repository*
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Have an existing repository in Subversion, Mercurial or another system that you'd like to import with all of its history?
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You can do this yourself with the Mercurial @convert@ extension, but you may find it simpler to "ask us to do it for you"  Just drop us a line, tell us your project name, and let us know where your existing repository lives.
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*Project hosted elsewhere?*
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You can create a project on this site even if the code itself is hosted somewhere else, if you want to make it easier for other researchers to find your work.  Just include the Homepage link when you create the project, and be sure to include enough of a description to make it clear what the project is about.
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If you don't need a repository hosted here, go to your project's Settings and in the "Modules" tab, switch off "Repository".
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*Need help?*
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Ask us!  We're nice people.  Follow the "Help":/projects/soundsoftware-site/wiki/Help link (it's in the bar at the top of every page) and read the "How to contact us" section.