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Chris Cannam, 2011-01-06 11:15 AM

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h1. Tips of the Day
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*Show your face*
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If you have a "Gravatar": image, it will appear alongside your user name in "activity pages":/activity and the like.  If you'd like to set up an image for this, just hop along to "Gravatar": and register an image using your email address as it appears on this site.
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*Import an existing repository*
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Have an existing repository in Subversion, Mercurial or another system that you'd like to import with all of its history?
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You can do this yourself with the Mercurial @convert@ extension, but you may find it simpler to "ask us to do it for you"  Just drop us a line, tell us your project name, and let us know where your existing repository lives.
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*Project hosted elsewhere?*
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You can create a project on this site even if the code itself is hosted somewhere else.  Just include the Homepage link when you create the project.
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If you don't need a repository hosted here, go to your project's Settings and in the "Modules" tab, switch off "Repository".