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Chris Cannam, 2010-12-21 12:26 PM

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h1. Terms & Conditions for use of code.soundsoftware.ac.uk
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As a registered user,
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* you are expected to be an active researcher in audio and music in the UK, or to be working with active researchers in audio and music in the UK who are registered users of the site
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* you undertake to ensure that copyright law is respected in, and attributions are properly maintained for, work you store on or publish through this site
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* you take responsibility for ensuring that your own institution's terms and conditions are followed with regard to rights in the work you store on this site
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* you undertake not to use this site for any illegal purpose or for the encouragement of illegal activity
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* you undertake not to harass or cause a nuisance for any other users, or for anyone else through your use of this site
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* you undertake not to use the site to promote any commercial activity outside of your normal research work
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* you accept that any account details you enter will be publicly visible, except for your email address if you choose to to hide it
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* you accept that any activity associated with your account may be publicly visible
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* you accept that any account details you enter will be visible to SoundSoftware.ac.uk administrators and may be used to determine whether they have a legitimate reason to use the site or not
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The SoundSoftware.ac.uk administrators
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* claim no rights in material stored here by users (all copyright holders retain their copyright in work stored here)
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* accept no liability for ensuring that material stored or published here by users is in accordance with copyright law
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* aim to keep the site available and to ensure that data is secure and backed up, but offer no guarantee to that effect
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* reserve the right to carry out administrative tasks as necessary, including administrative work that relates to private projects set up by users
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* declare that we will not permit users' private projects to be seen or used by employees or students of Queen Mary University of London, except in the case of administrative officials for reasons concerned solely with the daily running of the site
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* undertake that all content will be made available to the users who own it even if for any reason this site can no longer be maintained and run
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*SoundSoftware.ac.uk and Queen Mary, University of London accept no liability for any loss or damage incurred through the use of this site.*