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h1. Can we help you? More about this site

This is a code-repository and project management site for software development carried out in the UK academic audio and music research field, and by other researchers worldwide who are working on code relevant to the audio and music research.

Run by "":, it is for researchers who are making software in the course of their work, and for anyone who wishes to make use of such software in the future. We provide project management and hosting for source code, either published or private.

Although we welcome researchers from all UK institutions and elsewhere, please make sure you follow your institution's protocols for managing your work and be careful to respect copyright and your institution's code of conduct. (Read the "terms and conditions of use":/projects/soundsoftware-site/wiki/TandCs for this site.) If source code control and other facilities are provided by your institution, please use them: we publish documentation and other resources that we hope will help you to do that, so check out our "general website":

h2. What facilities do we provide here?

This server uses a project management system based on "Redmine":, with source code repositories managed using the "Mercurial": distributed version control system. Mercurial is a friendly, popular and modern system which is very effective for managing change histories in source code and much accompanying material. (It is not so well suited to storing bulk data such as audio test data sets: we hope to provide additional facilities for those.)

We also provide and promote the "EasyMercurial": user interface for Mercurial (shown right), a free, friendly way to get going with version control.

h2. Help using this site

* "Get started with your software and our project site":
* [[ExternalHosting|How to set up projects that track code hosted elsewhere]]
* [[Publications|How to associate your publications with your project]]
* [[Docgen|How to show documentation extracted from your code]]

h2. Help using Mercurial version control with this site

* "Two introductory EasyMercurial videos":
* "Why Version Control?":
* "What's the difference between Mercurial and git?":
* "An introductory tutorial about Mercurial": (using the command-line tool)
* "Mercurial usage tips":

If you have some existing code or other material which you would like to import into a project on this site, we can help you—in particular, we can easily load data into your Mercurial repository from existing files or from other version control systems for you. Just "drop us a line"

h2. How to contact us

This site manages many software projects run by different people. But one project here is different—the " Project": is used to manage the development and running of the site itself. (This page you are reading now is part of the wiki for that project.) The site is developed in the open, so you can use this project to follow progress and to provide feedback.

If you are having problems with this site, please either:

* use the " Project Forum": ;
* submit a new bug report or feature request in the trackers for the " Project": ; or
* send email to requesting help.

Before submitting a new bug report or feature request, please have a look at the "existing issues": and see whether you can find anything already listed that matches your own requirement.