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h2. Code hosting for *Are you an audio and or music researchers researcher based in the UK?*

"Register here":/account/register and set up your own projects. ("Why?":/projects/soundsoftware-site/wiki/Why)

Each project hosted here can hold software code, papers you are writing, or anything else you want to organise. A project can be public or private, and you can share them with your collaborators at your own institution or elsewhere.

You're also welcome to register if you are based outside the UK but are working with UK researchers.

*Are you looking for software or publications?*

We have an ever-increasing range of work being published here.

Try the "Search":/search page, "Projects list":/projects, or "Recent activity":

*About this service*

This repository service is operated by "":, hosted by the "Centre for Digital Music": at Queen Mary, University of London, and funded by the "EPSRC":

Our "Help pages": have more about the service.