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h1. Tracking External Hosting
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_Are you interested in making your code available to SoundSoftware users, but you already host it on another public code site?_
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The code.soundsoftware.ac.uk site has the ability to use the project repository to track an existing external repository, maintaining a read-only copy of it automatically which users of this site can browse and check out.
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We've had quite a bit of interest in using this site to list and index projects that are relevant to audio and music researchers and that are already publicly hosted on other code sites (Google Code, SourceForge, Github etc).  In response, we've introduced this new feature to make such a listing more useful.  With it, you can set up a project here for your code and then link the repository to your existing external repository, so users here can browse your changes while making it quite clear that the primary location for the project is at your existing hosting service.  An example of a project using this facility is "AIM-C":/projects/aimc.
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To set this up, go to your project settings and follow the instructions found under the Repository tab.