When: 1-5 November 2010
Where: SOAS (
List of Attendees:



  • too much too fast (got lost on Tuesday)
  • spent time thinking about programming tasks while instructor was showing solution
  • covered a lot (would have liked warmup before arrival)
  • hummus (could have used more variety in food)
  • not enough networking
  • how does it run on my machine??
  • not enough connection with sound
  • introduced software we may never use
  • not long enough (need more time)
  • no incentive to do exercises / homework


  • new content (hadn't seen before)
  • covered a lot (good to see things)
  • easy to apply / pragmatic
  • group exercises were fun / useful
  • Subversion
  • entertaining instructor (blah blah blah)
  • better understanding of best practices
  • persuasive arguments for best practices
  • nice to meet everybody!!
  • accidental knowledge transfer (vertically and sideways)



Mon: 10h30-16h30
Tue - Thu: 9h30-16h30
Fri: 9h30-16h

To Do

  • Send the participants a mail asking to bring a laptop and with information in it -- draft of that mail;
  • Ideas for simple things to code;
  • Setup an SVN repository;
  • Projection machine;
  • Talk to Systems about Eduroam
  • Setup Google Groups Account; invite all the participants to join


  • All the material must be released with a CC license
  • Dual projection scheme

Software Carpentry/Software Sustainability "Merchandising" Material