Actions from meeting of 2010-09-21

Present: Mark P, Josh, Ivan, Luis, Chris

  • Mark Provide slides from AHM presentation to put on soundsoftware website
  • Mark Suggest two or three senior individuals at other institutions who may be prepared to take the time to discuss hosting strategies and related issues with us
  • Luis Update website with slides and with Creative Commons licence (but which? BY-NC-SA ? BY-NC ?); shift AHM story from Events to Recent Notes
  • Chris Get new email addresses luis@, twitter@ set up -- done
  • Chris Register Twitter acct with twitter@ -- done -- will provide password in person as required
  • Chris Get server quotes and appropriate approval from Mark S
  • Ivan Update survey as per notes
  • Chris Install LimeSurvey to web server -- done -- Ivan set up survey in LimeSurvey once installed
  • Unassigned Learn about INRIA/Gforge experiences