ISMIR 2012


  • 14:00 - pre-session surgery
  • 14:30 - Motivation (Mark, 15m)
  • 14:45 - SW Intro (Chris, 5m)
  • 14:50 - SW Example (Chris, 60m)
  • 15:50 - Coffee Break (15m)
  • 16:05 - Exercise Review (10m)
  • 16:15 - SW Conclusions (Chris, 5m)
  • 16:20 - Data (Steve, 30m)
  • 16:50 - Open Access (Mark, 10m)
  • 17:00 - Discussion and wrap-up (30m)
  • 17:30 - End

Open Questions

  • If we want to do hand-on data management, do we need a local server ? Do we use the C4DM test repository ? Would any users actually have any data to work with anyway ?

DAFx 2012

Topics we need to cover in the tutorial

Short form, e.g. for DAFx 90-min hands-off tutorial

Title: Pointers to more effective software and data in audio research
See also: DAFx2012 Workshop in private Management wiki

  1. Motivation - Reproducible research
  2. Software practice:
    • General good-practice overview (e.g. substance related to SWC "feedback loops")
    • Version control
    • Unit testing
    • Writing readable code
    • Working with others -- code reviews, pair programming etc
  3. Data management
    • Why manage data ? Data as first-class research output
    • Documenting data
    • Licensing - why CC0
    • Backing up data - where ? how much ?
    • Archiving data
    • Publishing data
    • Planning data management
    • EPSRC principles
  4. Software and data licences and copyright
  5. Open access and open publication
    • Journal policies
  6. Wrap up: Resources to review after the tutorial, links, handouts, etc

Timing breakdown

  1. Motivation and introduction - Mark P - 15 mins?
  2. Software - Chris - 30 mins?
    • Intro, best practices and how they hang together - feedback loops in research software
    • Readable code + Working with others
    • Version control
    • Unit testing
  3. Data management - Steve - 20 mins?
    • Intro, why manage data
    • The practice of it
    • Policy and principles
  4. Software and data licences and copyright - Chris? or merge with another section? - 10 mins?
  5. Open access, open publication, wrap up - Mark P - 10 mins?
  6. Q&A - 5 mins

Total 90 mins

Materials we already have, that we can draw from

Things we must make

  • Leaflets, handouts etc
    • What is version control? and why use it?
    • Unit testing and audio software
    • Data management and policy
    • Software licences and copyright
    • Crib sheet for translating between version control systems
  • Evaluation form

Things to remember & take

  • Pop-up stand, any relevant posters etc
  • For handouts, perhaps we should take PDFs and get them printed in a print shop in York rather than print here and carry them?

Our plan of action

  • By Wednesday, September 5th (SCR, 2pm, or in Mark's office?) we should be able to meet again, with slides having been prepared for the relevant sections by Chris and Steve
  • Luis to produce handouts, 100% based on existing material, about: Version control; why use it?; Software licences and copyright; and Project hosting recommendations
  • Chris to attempt a handout about Unit testing and audio research -- but the slides take priority


Number of people for DAFx Tutorial (from Damian)

We would be expecting about 100ish people. We have about 120 registered for DAFx now, although some are guests who may not attend all sessions, and as it is the first day, some people may still be travelling. However I imagine most will take the opportunity to attend.