Sonic Visualiser Meeting - 21/June/2011

Mathieu B., Dan S., Chris C., Luis F., Simon D.


  • New version of SV?
  • Download Kiosk Custom Version from Website
  • How to export features inside a closed Kiosk System?
    • Mail?
    • maybe not a priority issue, due to "political" reasons
  • Features for first tailored release:
    • Mini mode/Full mode Toggle (in progress)
    • Auditory Feedback—Sonification (in progress)
    • Templating features (in progress)
    • Edit Text in a pane, and being able to retrieve the text back in a track
  • Development
    • Create integration branch for Kiosk Version and separate feature branches
    • Possible to replace template in the existing interface using a file browser?
  • Create a package for OS/X?
    • Useful if needed to package Vamp plugins
  • SoundSoftware Connection?
    • New builds could be used as test for the Project's Build Box (Lampredotto)
  • Internal Deadline and external deadline
    • crucial to have deliverable at external deadline
    • Internal: 12/September
  • Use of scores
    • not for this version
  • Audio Editing
    • does it belong in SV


  • Mathieu will create the branches and commit the existing modifications to each branch