Locating the Debug Log File

Starting with the 3.0 release, Sonic Visualiser writes a debug log file to disc during use; this can be valuable to help track down some types of problem with the application. If you find that Sonic Visualiser crashes, locks up, or behaves in other unexpected ways, you might want to save a copy of the log file and consider sending it to us with a bug report. Note that the file only records a log for a single run of the program: it's recreated again from scratch every time you start Sonic Visualiser.

The log file is called sv-debug.log and is located in different places depending on your operating system:

Windows Within your AppData folder, usually in the Roaming subfolder, then in a subfolder called sonic-visualiser/Sonic Visualiser/log
The AppData folder is hidden by default, but you can get to it by clicking the Start button, typing %AppData% (including the percent signs) and hitting Return - this should open a Windows Explorer window on the folder, where you will see the sonic-visualiser entry.
Mac Within your home directory, in Library/Application Support/sonic-visualiser/Sonic Visualiser/log
The Library folder is hidden by default, but you can show it in the Finder by going to the View menu -> Show View Options and checking "Show Library Folder".
Linux Within your home directory, in .local/share/sonic-visualiser/Sonic Visualiser/log