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h1. WP1.1 Research Of Available Resources
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Results from previous projects (e.g. JISC "RDMTrain":http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/mrd/rdmtrain.aspx programme, "Research Data Management Skills Support Initiative":http://www.dcc.ac.uk/training/data-management-courses-and-training/skills-frameworks (DaMSSI), "Incremental":http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/mrd/rdmi/incremental.aspx ), as well as available material from the "DCC":http://www.dcc.ac.uk/ and other institutions, will be studied and evaluated. Disciplines will be compared and parts of the available material identified that need to be adapted to appeal to researchers in the area of digital music and audio research. In order to integrate the material into the "Vitae":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/ /RCUK "Researcher Development Framework":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/researchers/428241/Researcher-Development-Framework.html , used to assign credits by the "QMUL Learning Institute":http://www.learninginstitute.qmul.ac.uk/ , the recently released "Information-handling Lens" will also be analysed.
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h2. Previous Data Management Training Projects
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The JISC "RDMTrain":http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/mrd/rdmtrain.aspx programme funded five discipline-specific research data management training projects in 2010-2011.
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Two projects produced online courses:
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* [[Project CAIRO]] Managing Creative Arts Research Data
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4 short units.  ~30 minutes each ?
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* [[MANTRA]] for ??geosciences, social and political sciences and clinical psychology??.
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Very detailed. Not a short course! Sections on rights and licensing not available.
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The remaining three courses have downloadable materials for face-to-face courses published through Jorum:
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* [[DATUM for Health]]
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* [[DMTpsych]]
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* [[DataTrain]]
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The "Supporting Data Management Infrastructure for the Humanities":http://sudamih.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ (Sudamih) project at Oxford was funded by JISC under the Research Data Management Infrastructure Programme. Sudamih produced training materials specifically to fit in with the practise of humanities research "at Oxford":http://sudamih.oucs.ox.ac.uk/documents.xml and also released de-localised materials on Jorum:
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* Three slideshows at varying levels of detail including  materials targeted at post-doc researchers ("Jorum":http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/14727)
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* Research Data Management Factsheet ("Jorum":http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/14711)
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* Research Information Management Guides ("Jorum":http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/14724)
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* Research Information Management: Organising Humanities Material ("Jorum":http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/14725)
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* Research Information Management: Tools for the Humanities ("Jorum":http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/14726)
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The "Incremental":http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/mrd/rdmi/incremental.aspx project at Glasgow and Cambridge was also part of the JISC Research Data Management Infrastructure programme. Incremental aimed to develop a data management infrastructure by examining existing practises and requirements at the institutions, piloting tools and services to enable data management (examples of proposed outputs included ??"templates, training, best practice guidelines, and policy"??) and embedding those outputs withing the institutions. In addition, they aimed to disseminate the results to the wider research community. During the course of the project many training resources were produced and these have been published on Jorum. We provide a summary of some resources on our page on [[Incremental]].
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h3. Other
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Data collected over a long period: the case of the Live Art Archive - audio ("Jorum":http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/14991)
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Lots of materials available from "Jorum":http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/advanced-search?_method=POST&field2=licence&query2=creativecommons.org&query1=research+data+management
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h2. [[Legislation]]
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h2. DCC and Other Institutions
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* the "Digital Curation Centre":http://www.dcc.ac.uk/ (DCC) provide information, training and other resources for the digital curation lifecycle
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* the "UK Data Archive":http://www.data-archive.ac.uk have published "best practices":http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/create-manage for creating, preparing, storing and sharing data
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* "JISC Digital Media":http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/ provides information on using digital media including specific guides to managing "still images":http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/stillimages/docs/category/managing-your-digital-resources , "moving images":http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/movingimages/docs/category/managing-your-digital-resources and "audio":http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/audio/docs/category/managing-your-digital-resources as well as "cross-media":http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/crossmedia/docs/category/managing-your-digital-resources digital media use.
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* World Agroforestry Centre created a one week course on Research Data Management and the manual for this (published 2002) is available from "University of Reading Statistical Services Centre":http://www.reading.ac.uk/ssc/publications/publications.html)
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* "Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation":http://www.espa.ac.uk/resource-centre/online-resources/data-management (ESPA)
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* British Library "Preservation Advisory Centre":http://www.bl.uk/blpac/index.html (PAC)
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* NCDCR "Electonic Records":http://www.records.ncdcr.gov/erecords/ documentation - includes file naming
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* the "Research Information Network":http://www.rin.ac.uk (RIN) provide information on "data management and curation":http://www.rin.ac.uk/our-work/data-management-and-curation
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Some UK research councils have published policies regarding data management, data sharing and data curation:
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* the "Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council":http://www.epsrc.ac.uk (EPSRC) have a published "policy framework":http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/about/standards/researchdata/Pages/default.aspx for research data
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* the "Medical Research Council":http://www.mrc.ac.uk (MRC) have guidelines on "data sharing":http://www.mrc.ac.uk/Ourresearch/Ethicsresearchguidance/datasharing/index.htm including their "data policy":http://www.mrc.ac.uk/Ourresearch/Ethicsresearchguidance/datasharing/Policy/index.htm and information on "data management plans":http://www.mrc.ac.uk/Ourresearch/Ethicsresearchguidance/datasharing/DMPs/index.htm
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* the "Economic and Social Research Council":http://www.esrc.ac.uk (ESRC) also have a "research data policy":http://www.esrc.ac.uk/about-esrc/information/data-policy.aspx
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* although the "Arts and Humanities Research Council":http://www.ahrc.ac.uk (AHRC) web pages don't include data management information, their Funding Guide (PDF downloadable from "AHRC web-site":http://www.ahrc.ac.uk) does specify requirements for research data publication.
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We are in the process of summarising the main [[Research Council Requirements]].
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Several UK universities have published materials relation to data management, and, particularly, data management training:
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* "Cambridge":http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/dataman/training.html
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* "DSpace@Cambridge Help":http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/repository/help/index.html
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* "Oxford":http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/rdm/help/training/
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* "Glasgow":http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/datamanagement/training/
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* "Leeds":http://library.leeds.ac.uk/research-data
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* "Bath":http://blogs.bath.ac.uk/research360/category/training/
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* "Exeter":http://www.exeter.ac.uk/research/excellence/datamanagement/ / "Open Exeter Blogs":http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/openexeterrdm/blog/category/training/
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In addition, universities in other countries have also published materials:
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* "Carleton":http://www.library.carleton.ca/find/data/research-data-management
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* "Columbia":http://scholcomm.columbia.edu/data-management/
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* "Melbourne":http://www.imas.unimelb.edu.au/research_data_management / "Melbourne - RDM for Researchers":http://www.eresearch.unimelb.edu.au/activities/research_data_management_for_researchers
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* "Dartmouth - online course":http://www.dartmouth.edu/~rc/classes/data_management/s5.shtml
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* "MIT":http://libraries.mit.edu/data-management/
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* "New Hampshire":http://www.unh.edu/research/data-management
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* "Responsible Conduct In Data Management":http://www.ori.dhhs.gov/education/products/n_illinois_u/flash/rcr.html (from US Office Of Research Integrity / U. of Illinois)
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Although the legal and funder requirements for these organisations will differ from the UK situation, the underlying principles for data management are still the same.
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h2. Vitae Researcher Development Framework
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The "Vitae":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/ "Researcher Development Framework":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/researchers/428241/Researcher-Development-Framework.html (RDF) categorises the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of researchers and uses this as a foundation to guide the development of researcher skills.
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In April 2012, Vitae "published":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/policy-practice/375-533141/The-Informed-Researcher-Booklet-and-Information-literacy-lens-on-the-Vitae-Researcher-Development-Framework-out-now.html an information literacy component for the RDF.
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bq. Information literacy is an umbrella term which encompasses concepts such as digital, visual and media literacies, academic literacy, information handling, information skills, data curation and data management. Interacting with information is at the very heart of research and informed researchers are both consumers and producers of information.
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The RDF component included an information literacy "lens":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/CMS/files/upload/Vitae_Information_Literacy_Lens_on_the_RDF_Apr_2012.pdf.521621.download - mapping information literacy skills onto the RDF researcher model - and an "Informed Researcher Booklet":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/CMS/files/upload/Vitae-The-Informed-Researcher_2012.pdf.530691.download giving guidelines to researchers on evaluating and improving their information literacy.
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The RSF Information Literacy lens is largely based on the "Society of College, National and University Libraries":http://www.sconul.ac.uk (SCONUL) "7 Pillars Of Information Literacy":http://www.sconul.ac.uk/groups/information_literacy/seven_pillars.html
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Other "Vitae RDF Lenses":http://www.vitae.ac.uk/rdflenses and the more general SCONUL "7 Pillars Of Wisdom":http://www.sconul.ac.uk/publications/newsletter/34/7.pdf may also be of interest.
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JISC and the "Research Information Network":http://www.rin.ac.uk (RIN) co-funded the "Research Data Management Skills Support Initiative":http://www.dcc.ac.uk/training/data-management-courses-and-training/skills-frameworks (DaMSSI) at the DCC. This aimed to examine how the Vitae RDF and the SCONUL 7 Pillars Of Information Literacy could be used to improve the planning of data management training, contributing to the development of the Vitae Information Literacy Lens and Informed researcher booklet, above.
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The DaMSSI outputs were (from "here":http://www.dcc.ac.uk/training/data-management-courses-and-training/skills-frameworks):
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* DaMSSI project plan
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* JISC RDMTrain projects "mapped against the RDF":http://www.dcc.ac.uk/webfm_send/534
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* JISC RDMTrain projects "mapped to the Digital Curation Lifecycle Model":http://www.dcc.ac.uk/training/train-trainer/disciplinary-rdm-training/disciplinary-rdm-training
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* Career profiles
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* DaMSSI final report
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Of particular interest to the current project are the mappings of previous RDM training projects onto the RDF and the Digital Curation Lifecycle Model.
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h2. [[Resources For Learning Materials]]
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h2. "QMUL resources for e-Learning":http://www.learninginstitute.qmul.ac.uk/elearning/support
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"Moodle":http://moodle.org ??is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)??.
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"Mahara":https://mahara.org "open source eportfolios", whatever that means.
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"Articulate":http://www.articulate.com/ for developing online/e-Learning materials
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"qReview":http://www.learninginstitute.qmul.ac.uk/elearning/services/q-review-lecture-capture/ lecture capture system
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Adobe "Connect":http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html web-conferencing
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"Bristol Online Surveys":http://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/ ("QMUL":http://www.learninginstitute.qmul.ac.uk/elearning/support/survey/) for developing... surveys
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h2. Links
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"Doctoral Training Centres as catalysts for research data management":http://blogs.bath.ac.uk/research360/2011/12/doctoral-training-centres-as-catalysts/
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"RDM training for Postgraduates and Doctoral Training Centres":http://blogs.bath.ac.uk/research360/2011/12/rdm-training-postgraduates-doctoral-training-centres/
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"Open Exeter PGR Workshop on Data Management":http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/openexeterrdm/blog/2011/12/14/first-pgr-workshop/