Known Issues

(For a complete list of issues already reported and their fix status, please refer to the project's issue list -

SPARCO and fileparts

From version MATLAB R2011a the function fileparts no longer supports four output arguments (see

The SMALLbox code was updated to reflect this change, but the version of SPARCO currently being downloaded still has that problem. Please refer to this ticket.

To fix this issue, please change the following SPARCO toolbox code:

  • Version that may cause issues:
126:   [root, name, ext, versn] = fileparts(w);

45:[pathstr, name, ext, versn] = fileparts(mfilename('fullpath'));
  • Please change to:

126:   [root, name, ext] = fileparts(w);

45:[pathstr, name, ext] = fileparts(mfilename('fullpath'));

Tilde (~) operator (MATLAB versions prior to 2009b)

As of release 2009b MATLAB introduced the tilde (~) operator (see

If you have a previous version of MATLAB you'll need to change this to any other unused variable. As of SMALLbox 2.0 this can be found in the following files/lines of code:

./DL/two-step DL/dico_update.m:120:                    [U,~,V] = svd(patch);
./toolboxes/alps/ALPS/infty_ALPS.m:61:[~,N] = size(Phi);
./toolboxes/alps/ALPS/infty_ALPS.m:132:    [~, ind_der] = sort(abs(der).*complementary_Xi, 'descend');
./toolboxes/alps/ALPS/infty_ALPS.m:208:    [~, ind_z] = sort(abs(z), 'descend');
./toolboxes/alps/ALPS/infty_ALPS.m:235:            [v, ~, ~] = cgsolve(cg_A(X_i, X_i), cg_b(X_i), params.cg_tol, params.cg_maxiter, cg_verbose);
./toolboxes/alps/ALPS/thresh.m:3:[~, ind] = sort(abs(x), 'descend');
[ ~/smallbox]
[2254] > ack "~,"  . 
DL/two-step DL/dico_update.m
120:                    [U,~,V] = svd(patch);

61:[~,N] = size(Phi);
132:    [~, ind_der] = sort(abs(der).*complementary_Xi, 'descend');
208:    [~, ind_z] = sort(abs(z), 'descend');
235:            [v, ~, ~] = cgsolve(cg_A(X_i, X_i), cg_b(X_i), params.cg_tol, params.cg_maxiter, cg_verbose);

3:[~, ind] = sort(abs(x), 'descend');