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h1. Singing Voice and Artificial Intelligence academic forum

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h3. Please contribute to these!
"topics suggestions":
[[papers to discuss]]
our "youTube channel":

During lockdown the meetings take place on Zoom at 3 pm BST (London), 4 pm W.Europe (Paris, Berlin), 7:30 pm IST (Mumbai), 11 pm Japan, 10 am EDT (New York), 7 am PDT (San Francisco)
"Google calendar": (shows meetings in your timezone)
Contact: proutskova at gmail dot com

h2. 27/07
* John McBride on information-theoretic modelling of discreteness in music perception

h2. 20/07
* Devansh Zurale
** source-filter models and deep learning models for voice synthesis
** Hindustani singing voice

h2. 29/06
* Yuto Ozaki: [[Agreement among human and automated transcriptions of global songs]]
* Discussion: roadmap to automatic transcription of cross-cultural vocal recordings

h2. 22/06 15/06
* [[ICASSP21 papers]]

h2. 25/05
* "DadaBots": : [[Neural Synthesis - Eliminating Humans from Music]]
* with special guest "Reeps One":

h2. 20/04
* Vincent Koops: [[AI Song Contest - Lessons on how to create in collaboration with AI]]

h2. 26/01/2021
* Prof. "Frank Scherbaum": : [["From Musical Acoustics of the Earth to Computational Ethnomusicology of Traditional Georgian Vocal Music"]]

h2. 19/01/2021
* Polina Proutskova and Olga Velichkina
[[Open questions on tonality perception and construction in non-Western vocal music]]
What makes singing so difficult for automatic analysis

h2. 24/11
* Matan Gover
** [[Score-informed source separation of choral music]], "video":
** on [[VoctroLabs current work]], "video":

h2. 17/11
* Emir Demirel:
** [[Computational Pronunciation Analysis and Modeling of Sung Utterances]]
** [[Low Resource audio-to-lyrics alignment from polyphonic music recordings]]

h2. 27/10
* Helene Cuesta and Sebastian Rosenzweig: [["Polyphonic Singing Datasets for MIR Research"]], "video":

h2. 20/10
* ISMIR reports
* Brendan O'Connor: ""An Exploratory Study of Perceptual Spaces of the Singing Voice”

h2. 29/09
* Bernd Brabec de Mori & Victor A. Stoichițӑ: *"Postures of listening and vocal agencies"* [[abstract and bios]], "video":

h2. 22/09
* Pritish Chandna: [[""Deep Learning Applied to SATB Choirs"]]
* Kilian Schulze-Foster: [["Text-Informed Singing Voice Separation and Phoneme Level Lyrics Alignment"]]

h2. 18/08
* Courtney Reed: Singer's auditory imagery with altered auditory feedback [[abstract]]

h2. 07/07
* Prof. "Johan Sundberg": : Physiological and acoustical aspects of phonation types - "video":

h2. 30/06
* Prof. "David Howard": : "Pitch in singing is not all one might think it is."

h2. 19/05
* Emir Demirel on [[prosody and pronunciation in singing]]

h2. 17/03
on Skype:

h2. 11/02
* Singing voice generation: [["A Neural Parametric Singing Synthesizer Modeling Timbre and Expression from Natural Songs"]]

h2. 21/01/2020
* [[Singing voice generation]]

h2. 10/12
*4 pm GC114*
* [[Universality and diversity in human song]] - discussing the Science paper from the Natural History of Song project

*5 pm : SCR bar*
* _*[[Christmas Big Sing!]]*_
* join us to sing Christmas songs from different cultures. Bring songs from your country and teach us

h2. 29/10 : Laws 3.06
* Expressivity in singing: paper [[suggestions]]

h2. 22/10 : Laws 3.06
* Prof. Simon Dixon: "Measuring and Modelling Intonation and Temperament"

h2. 15/10 : Laws 3.06
* Vocal physiology

h2. 01/10 NB different time slot! *2- 3 pm* : Laws 3.08C
* Wenming Gui on his research into singing voice detection and deep learning

h2. 17/09   : Laws 3.08D
* [[Charis Saitis]] on his research on timbre and its applications to singing voice

h2. 10/09 : ArtsOne 1.25
* "Polina on PEVoC 2019":

h2. 23/07
* [[VocalSet with Courtney and Emir]]

h2. 16/07 : Bancroft: 1.03
* Emir reports from UK Speech Conference
* Emir introduces [[DAMP Intonation dataset]]
* Polina: [[report from FMA]]

h2. 02/07 : Eng402 Daphne Oram room
Small group, short topics
* [[Synthetic Voice Datasets]]
* [[Research on Vocal Tract transformations]]
* Informal discussion on vocal differences between cultures and classes

h2. 18/06 : GC604
* [[Chris 10 min presentation]]
* Emir presenting his [[poster for UK Speech Conference]]

h2. 11/06 : GC604
* 10 min presentations:
> * [[Wenming]]
> * [[Yukun]]
* "Datasets":

h2. 04/06
* 10 min presentations:
> * [[Courtney]]
> * [[Brendan]]
* [[Datasets]]

h2. 28/05/19 : ITL

* First meeting,
* [[introduction]],
* [[coordination]]