Neural Synthesis - Eliminating Humans from Music


* with special guest Reeps One

Machine learning is black magick. Artists who command it are paving the way to new sounds, new instruments, controversial ethics, and challenges to the throne of human creativity. And it's really fun. Today we'll bring you on our journey from SampleRNN to Jukebox: the re-animation of Kurt Cobain, the black metal turing test, the Sinatra copyright battle, 24/7 generative livestreams, endless cannibal corpse lyrics, and beatbox battles with bots. We'll show you what it's like to be musician-coders wielding neural nets as our instrument, collaborating with our favorite artists.

Bio: Dadabots is a mythical AI metal band & neural audio synthesis research lab. As Prometheus brought fire to man, Dadabots bridged the ivory tower into music culture, carrying Theano models with buggy dependencies, GPU blazing, ushering the earliest neural audio synthesis experiments into the hands of musicians, crossing the deadly crevasse from PhD research into avant-garde metal, breakcore, beatbox champions, and grammy-nominated hip hop producers.