Courtney Reed (10-min presentation, 4/6)

BMus in Music Technology (Electronic Engineering & Design, Berklee College of Music '16), focus on sound design and physical modelling
MSc in Computer Science (Computer Science, QMUL '18), research during MSc focused in MIR

PhD in Computer Science beginning from 3/19 at QMUL:
Imaging Singing: Sensing the Use of Musical Imagery in Vocalists

Research Questions:

  • What are the cognitive and physiological channels that link thought to action?
  • How can we measure via the body what occurs in the mind?
  • How are elements of expression, technique, and vocal training reflected in muscular movements during singing?
  • How does a singer's physiology change with changing intention of sound production or expression?
  • What tools can be developed to give vocalists more expression during singing or assist singers with limited or damaged voice functionality?

Area of Interest:

  • Processes through which vocalists employ imagery through audiation during the learning process
  • Detection of low-level muscular activation during audiation
  • Classification of grouped muscle movements for different intentions during singing

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