Christmas Big Sing!

we would like to invite you to join the (c4dm based) Singing Voice Interest Group for the Christmas Big Sing. We are taking this opportunity to celebrate the wonderful tradition of singing together for pleasure. No matter whether you are an experienced singer, a beginner or a complete non-singer - you are all very welcome. Bring your favourite Christmas or non-Christmas songs - scores, lyrics, your knowledge - and teach us! All languages, musical systems and tastes are welcome. Bring your instruments too. Let’s do a couple of familiar tunes and a couple of completely new ones. I could offer you the Silent Night in English and German, and a portion of Russian and Ukrainian spiritual as well as funny songs. For those who are unsure about their singing skills - I am a singing teacher and will support you. We can also share traditional Christmas (or non-Christmas) treats - I’ll bring some German Stollen.