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Emmanouil Theofanis Chourdakis, 2017-10-03 07:13 PM

An acoustic pattern generation tool

Copyright (c) Emmanouil Theofanis Chourdakis <> is a collection of tools to synthesize an audio scene from independent sound events.
It is inspired by Lagrange et al. simScene ( but takes
a different direction. The goal of is to (1) have a python implementation of such a
system since python is the platform of choice for developers accustomed with deep learning packages
or other python package candy and (2) to allow generating audio scenes from graph-based patterns.

Please direct any comments, suggestions, etc. to Emmanouil Chourdakis <>

This code is licensed under GPLv3. Please see LICENSE for more info.

Usage examples:

  • ./ -h
    Displays command line syntax and option descriptions.
  • ./ ../simscene-input/sound ../simscene-output 15 -e ../simscene-input/forest_events.txt -vv
    Reads sounds from `../simscene-input/sound', and creates a 15 second scene of events. Event options are given in ../simscene-input/forest_events.txt. Finally, generates and displays plots (waveforms, spectrograms and piano rolls). Saves everything to ../simscene-output.

Screenshot from 2017-10-03 19-07-11.png 141 KB, downloaded 28 times Emmanouil Theofanis Chourdakis, 2017-10-03 07:10 PM

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