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Panos Kudumakis, 2014-05-12 05:18 PM

Invited talk on IM AF by Panos Kudumakis, Malaga, Spain 11 April 2013

MPEG-A: Interactive Music Application Format

Sonic Visualiser with IM AF support featuring automatic chords extraction aligned in time with lyrics:
Source code
Executable for windows & mac os/x
La fuga an IM AF (.ima) song

Spanish pop band 'Diɘcinueve', featured in TV and press, is the first band to use Sonic Visualiser with IM AF support that lets music fans remix and share the group's latest single 'La fuga' in endless new forms. Thanks to Emilio Molina Martínez.

HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 1 by Giacomo Herrero.
Featuring lyrics & album picture.
HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 2 by Luke Barlow.
Featuring robustness & zoom in/out.
"HTML5 IM AF Player ver. 3" by Colin Gunder Dodds.
Featuring chords extraction & uploading your own re-mixes.

If you would like to involve in this project please contact p.kudumakis at

Projects by students

  • Jesús C. García (Univ. of Malaga)
    IM AF Codec: Lyrics, Metadata, Dynamic Volume, URL
    Integration in Sonic Visualiser
    BSc Thesis, Feb. 2014
    53rd AES Paper, Jan. 2014

Related publications

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