Drupal site data. Everything here is, or will be, also part of the public website. Note though that this is a project for a potential forthcoming updated version of the site, not the current live version.

Not to include database dumps or any actual authentication credentials (sample passwords only, if any).


Manager: Chris Cannam

Recent activity

2017-12-08 01:21 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 6:875880e46745: Styling
2017-12-07 02:46 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 5:c69a71b4f40f: Add slideshow module
2017-12-05 03:02 PM Chris Cannam
Revision 4:8948ab6c87d2: Further theme attempts
2017-12-05 11:25 AM Chris Cannam
Revision 3:e11175134f4e: Attempt to introduce editable version of theme
2017-12-05 09:26 AM Chris Cannam
Revision 2:92f882872392: Trusted hosts, + remove migration modules