This is a package for audio note onset detection. It analyses a single channel of audio and estimates the onset times of notes within the music.

This package contains a set of Vamp plugins written in Python. To run these plugins you need a Vamp plugin host such as Sonic Annotator and you need to have the Vampy wrapper plugin installed. See the Wiki page and the README file in the repository for more details.

Information about the fusion algorithms and their optimal configurations can be found in the publications listed here (see on the right) and on the Isophonics website.

Important note: The files in this package are designed to run in a Vamp host environment only with the Python wrapper plugin Vampy installed. Attempting to run these scripts as standalone Python programs will produce no results.

Related publications

M. Tian, G. Fazekas, D. Black, and M. B. Sandler, “Design and Evaluation of Onset Detectors Using Different Fusion Policies,” in 15th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR), 2014.
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Manager: Gyorgy Fazekas, Mi Tian
Reporter: Beici Liang, Di Sheng