Collaborative Cross Modal Interfaces diagram editor.

The editor allows the user to explore and edit diagrams using different modalities:

  • visual: the diagram can be visualized and edited with the mouse, much as in most orthodox diagram editors
  • audio: the diagram is can be explored and edited using a sonified tree based view that provides the user with
    realtime speech and non-speech audio feedback and the keyboard
  • haptics: the diagram can be explored in its spatial layout using an haptic device, such as the Phantom OMNI ® or the Falcon ® devices.

Diagrams can be edited collaboratively by several users running the software on different computers, connected to one another via a TCP/IP network.

User actions can be logged and a network based system for sharing them among users is also provided to support studies over interaction between people with differing access to modalities, such as a sighted and a visual impaired user. This makes the editor, if needed, a tool for researchers on collaborative cross modal interfaces.


Manager: Fiore Martin, Nick Bryan-Kinns