Interface DiagramUpdater

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    public interface DiagramUpdater
    This interface must be implemented by classes who implement a strategy for changing the diagram model. Doing this through an interface allows interchangeability of strategies. This comes handy for eventual further implementations of a network-based real time sharing system. So the network client can implement this interface and, instead of directly changing the diagram, it can send messages to a server and change it accordingly to the server reply. All in a transparent way to the classes which are in charge of editing the diagram.
    • Method Detail

      • addNode

        void addNode(Node node)
      • addEdge

        void addEdge(Edge edge)
      • addProperty

        void addProperty(Node node,
                         NodeProperty nodeProperty,
                         java.lang.String proertyValue)
      • rename

        void rename(HierarchyItem item,
                    java.lang.String newName)
      • setLabel

        void setLabel(EdgeNode node,
                      java.lang.String label)
      • setArrowHead

        void setArrowHead(EdgeNode node,
                          java.lang.String arrowHead)
      • setModifiers

        void setModifiers(PropertyValue propertyValue,
                          java.util.List<java.lang.Integer> modifiers)