Class FileSelectorActivity

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    FileSelectorActivity.Open, FileSelectorActivity.Save

    public abstract class FileSelectorActivity
    extends AccessibleActivity
    An abstract activity for file selection. The file system is shown as follows: the current directory is displayed on a the header and all the files or folder contained in it are displayed in a list view. Clicking on a list item will only take effect if the item is a directory. The selected directory will become the current directory. In order to select the parent directory a click on the back button is needed. Being an AccessibleActivity the view can be explored though sound and haptics by hovering on it. in order to scroll the list a double-finger scroll is required or, if the device does not support multitouch, a scroll button will appear on the bottom for scrolling.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileSelectorActivity

        public FileSelectorActivity()
    • Method Detail

      • onItemClick

        public void onItemClick(<any> av,
                                View v,
                                int position,
                                long id)
      • onItemLongClick

        public abstract boolean onItemLongClick(<any> av,
                                                View v,
                                                int position,
                                                long id)
        To be implemented by subclasses. The long click represent the trigger of an operation on the selected file.
      • onBackPressed

        public void onBackPressed()
        On pressing the back button, the parent of the current directory will be displayed.