Wiring instructions

Voltage levels

  • Audio I/O levels depend on the adjustable settings of the audio codec. You can comfortably plug in a guitar, a dynamic microphone, a piezo pickup, most stuff really, having up to 59.5dB of gain at your disposal. You can refer to the TLV320AIC3104 datasheet for more details.
    The gain can be set for each channel using the command lines switches --pga-gain-left and --pga-gain-right
  • Analog ins are in the range 0-4.096V (inputs are 5V tolerant).
  • Analog outs are in the range 0-5V.
  • Digital I/O levels are 0/3.3V. Mind that these are the BeagleBone's AM3358's own digital pins, so make sure you NEVER exceed 3.3V or you will brick your BeagleBone Black.

Pin diagram

See an interactive reference map of the pins and features of the cape: