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h1. Getting started with BeagleRT

h2. Prerequisites

Before starting, make sure you have:
* Beaglebone Black
* BeagleRT cape
* standard-A to mini-B USB cable
* 2GB or more micro-SD card
* Optional, but recommended: up to two 3-ways female connectors for audio in/out from the cape. You will probably want some sort of stereo female jack connector at the other end.

h2. Hardware setup

Stack the audio cape on top of the Beaglebone Black (BBB). Make sure all the pins from the cape fit into the socket header of the BBB and that no pin gets bent in the process.

[TODO: connector wiring]

h2. Software setup

Clone the disk image from [TODO: url] on the SD card. This image contains a Debian 7.7 distribution with Xenomai extensions which contains all the toolkits needed to compile and run BeagleRT projects.

h2. SSH setup

h3. Windows users

h3. Linux and MacOS users

[TODO: ssh setup for windows, macos, linux (copy from digital-foley, mention possible security issues)]

h2. Build your first project

Do you want to get started immediately, without need to install any software on your machine? Grab a terminal and learn about [[ Compiling projects with BeagleRT on the board]]