Compiling Faust code for Bela

We currently have beta support for Faust on Bela. Sorry, we do not have much documentation at the moment, but the below should be fine to get you started, whether or not you are familiar with Faust.

Go to and find some example patches in the BIBLIO and drop them on the playground, connect the audio output to preview in the browser, hit export->select Bela->exporter to build and then "telecharger" to download the compiled binary.
Alternatively, you can use the online compiler, from where you can also download the Bela architecture file created by Oli Larkin and St├ęphane Letz.

Important: the instructions above will work only if you have the testing release of our image ( If you are running an older version, in order to run Faust code, you will have to download the C++ file generated by the onlinecompiler (after setting the -i flag) and either paste it into an IDE project or save it on your computer and build it with the script, as in

/path/to/bela/repo/scripts/ /path/to/faust/file/CppCode.cpp

Given the nature of the C++ code generated by Faust, this would usually take quite some time to be compiled on the BeagleBone Black. If you are experiencing excessively long compile times, try cross-compiling, as explained in Compiling Bela projects in Eclipse.

To interface Bela's analog and digital in, you need to click the edit button on a patch to edit it. Unfortunately because of a bug you need to save the edited text to a .dsp file and then drag and drop it back on the playground page.

See the attached file as an example. You need to use the [BELA:ANALOG_0] or [BELA:DIGITAL_0] label , as in :

freq = hslider("[1]Frequency[BELA:ANALOG_0]", 440,460,1500,1):smooth(0.999);
pressure = hslider("[2]Pressure[style:knob][BELA:ANALOG_4]", 0.96, 0.2, 2.0, 0.01):smooth(0.999):min(0.99):max(0.2);
gate = hslider("[0]ON/OFF (ASR Envelope)[BELA:DIGITAL_0]",0,0,1,1);

vfl.dsp 4.32 KB, downloaded 46 times Giulio Moro, 2016-04-09 02:25 PM