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h1. Wiki

Download the BeagleRT SD card image here (xz compressed):

See an interactive reference map of the pins, GPIO and features of the cape:

h2. [[ Getting started with Bela]]

h2. [[ Compiling Bela projects in a web browser]] (recommended)

h2. [[ Compiling Bela projects on the board]] (for terminal enthusiasts)

h2. [[ Compiling Bela projects in Eclipse]] (for core developers)

h2. [[ Running Puredata patches on Bela]] (for everyone)

h2. [[ Compiling Puredata patches for BeagleRT]] (DEPRECATED! Use previous link instead)

h2. [[ Compiling
Faust code for Bela]]

h2. [[ Running Bela projects automatically on boot ]]

h2. [[ Tutorial Sketches - Explanations ]]

h2. [[ Timing and I/O in Bela ]]

h2. [[ Command-line arguments ]]

h2. [[ Nerdy notes ]]

h2. [[ Flashing or backing up your SD card ]]

h2. [[ Style guide ]]