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Open perceptual evaluation toolbox for MATLAB. See [1] for more information, and please refer to it if you use this toolbox in your work.

[1] B. De Man and Joshua D. Reiss, APE: Audio Perceptual Evaluation toolbox for MATLAB presented at the 136th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, 2014.

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While the toolbox should work fine with MATLAB_R2014b and older versions, problems with the 2015 version due to differences in syntax and functions have been reported.

Development efforts are currently focused on the browser based variant of the tool (see below), with advantages of not requiring proprietary software, easier test setup (no actual programming required), possibility for remote testing and collecting data on central server...
Please feel free to leave feedback () and we will fix bugs or implement features as soon as possible.

HTML5/Javascript version

See for a similar but browser-based listening test environment. This has the advantage of not requiring proprietary software, being easily scalable, allowing for remote tests, among other things.

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