A VST plugin to decode a first order Ambisonics signal (e.g. SoundField type microphone) to virtual microphone's over 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 speaker layouts.

Place VST into either the global \Library\Audio\Plug-Ins\VST or local ~\Library\Audio\Plug-Ins\VST
It is suggested to use the plugin on a 5.1 track irrespective of the output type. Either send B-Format to the first four 5.1 channel inputs that hosts the VST or put a recorded quad-channel file onto the 5.1 track.

Known Issue's:
Small memory leak resulting from some memory (~25MB) not being allocated back during plugin close. The leak does not appear to increase during use.
No ramping of audio when mode or reverb is turned on.

Requires vstsdk2.4 and VSTGUI-4.0.1
Add files to project in XCode under the relevant source folders.
Add header search paths.
OS X 10.6 SDK is required for VSTGUI-4.0.1 to compile.