New: Make your own project Welcome page

Is your project description getting hard to read and manage?
Added by Chris Cannam over 11 years ago

We've just added a feature that may be useful for projects that have a lot of information they want to include in their overview page.

Your project description can already include wiki formatting – headings, italics, even images. But it's not easy to manage a complex description in the project settings, and if you have a lot to say, the project overview page can end up being quite hard to read.

So we've added the ability to replace the normal layout of information boxes on the project's front page with a single wiki page that you can edit as you see fit. If you feel that extended introductory information is more useful to your readers than the automated updates you get in the normal overview page, you might like to try this. You can see an example at the SMALLbox project.

To enable it, go to your project's Settings and enable "Use your own Welcome page" under the Welcome page tab. There's a link there that you can use to create and edit your new page.

(Note that you must have the Wiki module enabled for this feature to be available. You can find that under Modules in your project's settings.)