Tag and branch conflict

Added by Daniele Barchiesi over 8 years ago

Hi Luis,

I have a question concerning Mercurial and the soundsoftware repository. I am working on SMALLBox, one of the projects hosted by soundsoftware. I created my own branch, committed and pushed a local repository and (mistakenly) added a tag "danieleb" on this first version.
Now, after merging stuff and adding new functions, etc, I kept committing and pushing to my branch. However, if I access the repository online from a browser and navigate to my branch, it automatically jumps to my first push that is tagged danieleb and does not allow me to move to more recent versions.
Strangely, I can see my latest modifications when I don't select any branch (i.e., leave the branch field blank), but others can't and can't pull from my latest commits.

If you are around later today (ok, not much later!) or tomorrow and have a few minutes to help me sort this out, it would be great.



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RE: Tag and branch conflict - Added by Daniele Barchiesi over 8 years ago

Here is what Luis replied, which solved the problem:

Hi Daniele,

from what I can understand the problem here is that on updating, tags have higher priority than branches–that's why it's always updating to the tag…
The best solution is removing the tag; you can do this by using the following command (and then commiting and pushing):

hg tag --remove TAGNAME