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Recently completed PhD at Goldsmiths with the ISMS group. Currently working at Semetric (Musicmetric) as a Data Analysis Engineer. Contributor to audioDB, responsible for most of the python hooks.


Goldsmiths, University of London



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12:23 PM audioDB Revision 721:70542745f473: db creation can now use non-default values for datasize, ntracks and d...


08:49 PM audioDB Revision 720:2fad8cfdb2d8: number of dims and number of vectors were backward stylistic standard.
10:08 AM audioDB Revision 719:e3f1cf653c30: wooo! direct insert works! at least for the rather limited cases I've...
Bad news is that I seem to have found a rather nasty bug in the query code I wrote back in september.
(segfaults aro...


05:38 PM audioDB Revision 718:14568e432e73: segfaults are gone, but the new bits still aren't quite behaving corre...
Also, some weird behavior when the query result is blank


06:52 PM audioDB Revision 717:159becb0701e: the access level wrapper now exposes the python native data insert.
there's a nasty segfault to track though...
11:12 AM audioDB Revision 716:26a19beb7e3d: the low level bindings now include a direct data insertion method (wit...
Should compile, but new functionality not really tested.
Exercise caution.


12:49 PM audioDB Revision 668:ce5ff00168e1: Modified the makefile to generate the appropriate library name for its...
--provided that environment is either linux or Mac os x--
Should fix the tests in bindings (at least they work on a m...


03:07 PM audioDB Revision 662:01af8c56eb8d: added the first three unit tests for python bindings.
currently tests have to be manually run like this:
>python tests/
ensuring that the python ...


06:31 PM audioDB Revision 638:c014e4d5b45d: added a status hook to the high level python bindings. Hopefully it w...


06:54 PM audioDB Revision 632:41ef9e165c38: removed the raised warning as its behavior doesn't actually seem appro...
switched the default value of strictConfig so data doesn't accidentally get deleted.

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