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Goldsmiths, University of London


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Chris Cannam, Michael O. Jewell, Mark Sandler, Christophe Rhodes, Mark d'Inverno. Linked Data And You: Bringing music research software into the Semantic Web  (2010)


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05:31 PM audioDB Revision 767:6d0d41604aba: Fix analogous signed/unsigned mistake in command-line binary
Now that I've made this mistake somewhat catastrophically, it's fairly
easy to spot.
05:31 PM audioDB Revision 766:6a5117d68ac4: More sample fix
Amazingly, it's still the same bit of code that is wrong, and this time
I deserve to suffer shame from Chris Cannam, ...
05:31 PM audioDB Revision 765:337e72088f76: Fix for some sample bugs
a + b ? c : d does not do what I think it does. That bug mostly masked
a thorough logic error in building the table ...


10:04 PM audioDB Revision 697:2741bbda39d7: actually implement the sampling functionality requested
The -f flag at the audioDB command line when sampling causes a datum x db
sampling to occur, using the feature file's...
10:04 PM audioDB Revision 696:bb9478d5b57e: support distinction between exhaustive / nonexhaustive sampling
Only for when a datum is given (either as key or -- upcoming -- as
double float data, e.g. from a feature file).
10:03 PM audioDB Revision 695:01e25f938b63: simplify sample code slightly
Now there are two bits that are exactly the same as audiodb_query_spec().
They should be merged with the query code.


08:04 AM AMuSE Revision 62:9cdd79c34442: trivial whitespace


07:25 AM AMuSE Revision 59:08468c3d5801: gsharp amuse implementation
07:24 AM AMuSE Revision 58:48661eb2da71: fix tabcode syntax for sure


01:13 PM AMuSE Revision 55:ba65f66a713e: fix amuse-tabcode asd file

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