Tim Murray-Browne

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Research description

I am a PhD Candidate within the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London. My research is in the field of interactive music systems, from new musical instruments to interactive sound installations and seeks to identify what aspects make them captivating and engaging.


Queen Mary, University of London



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04:31 PM EasyMercurial Feature #134: Provide "Ignore" button
You could make it so that the first time a file matching a pattern the default ignore list is detected in the project...
04:08 PM EasyMercurial Feature #134 (Closed): Provide "Ignore" button
Some files you never want to version control, for example *.pyc (Python bytecode), .DS_Store (some kind of OS X file)...


02:09 PM Move Synth Revision 41:5b6f63b6f76d: Updated grid_mapper and specification
12:28 PM Move Synth Revision 40:e1b88e546699: Made Python ask you for IP address and save it within a cache.


11:05 AM Move Synth Revision 30:1df5ded9f9ff: Fixed some bugs in the grid mapper.
10:17 AM Move Synth Revision 29:d3fdadf86d90: Completed instrument design in Ableton and mapping between Max and Able...


01:44 PM Move Synth Revision 28:a3656215878b: Removed unused Max 4 Live device


06:06 PM Move Synth Revision 25:dae2a0d963d5: Merge
06:05 PM Move Synth Revision 24:7b6dfc67d51e: Attempted revert
06:03 PM Move Synth Revision 23:ea0ff7df64f3: n/c

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