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Version 0.6:
- Uploading a directory will maintain the path structure (i.e. subdirectories).
- A different server can be specified in the server.cfg file. This is overridden if the --servicedoc option is used. If the file is missing, sworduploader will default to C4DM's repository.

Possible problems

Version 0.4 is based on the modified python-sword2 library that can be found on bitbucket/marcofabiani.

The script has been tested with the version now on github (richardjones), and it works IF DSpace is patched with the latest version of the sword-server-2.0 which corrects a mistake in the service document.

Issue 1: Service document verification fails (DSpace server)

richardjones on Fri, 20 Apr 2012 12:45:26 +0200:

The bug was in the Java common library used by default

See for details of multipart support requirements.

This has now been fixed in the java server library, which is hosted at

status: new -> resolved