WP4 Communication and Management

WP4.1 Project management

The project will be managed on a day-to-day basis by the PI, with project meetings held weekly to assess progress and problems. This has been our practice throughout the Sound Software project and previous JISC-funded projects. The CIs will participate in the management process to ensure compatibility and continuity with the requirements of the Sound Software project from a management and technical perspective respectively.

WP4.2 Dissemination

The project results will be disseminated through blog posts, Twitter, and official reports on the project's website. Results will also be presented at discipline-specific conferences (ISMIR, DAFx), and to other similar UK-based research institutions via the partnership with the Sound Software project.

WP4 Deliverables

  • D4.1 Project site and feed.
  • D4.2 Final report and publication of the material in the Jorum repository.