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Steve Welburn, 2012-11-21 12:51 PM

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h1. WP22 Feedback On Online Material
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h2. Reviewer #1
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Apart from info on the C4DM repository that you mentioned, some minor 
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comments below:
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- Somewhere in the bottom you have a link for the QMUL Research Ethics 
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Committee. Perhaps that link should be placed in a more prominent position?
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- In the 'File Formats' section, you mention the .flac format. What 
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about good old .wav?
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- Maybe there should be some info on backing up data in the octave 
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server, especially for cases when the data cannot be published for some 
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reason? Speaking of that, maybe there should be some internal data 
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repository? Or at least a set of rules on how to back up data on the 
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octave servers?
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- In the past few weeks there have been lots of discussions on the 
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various CC licenses for the challenge data we want to upload. Maybe you 
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could include some info/explanations on CC licenses?
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h2. Reviewer #2
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I had a look at the wiki and it looks like a really comprehensive collection of practical advice as well as general information about research data management.
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Here are just some comments that I got from reading through the start page of the wiki:
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* I'm not sure who exactly the audience for the training material is, and how to use the wiki (as in: I know how it works, but am I meant to read it from start to finish? Or which ones are the most important parts I should definitely read?)
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* I personally have some difficulties to understand what an RDM *plan* actually involves and what it would look like. Maybe a small introductory example would make that clearer? Maybe there is already an RDM plan available that one of our PIs at C4DM has written that could be taken/modified as an example?
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* I had some difficulties to grasp the structure and the amount of the training material. This might be largely due to the layout and formatting which you said will still need to be tidied up slightly.  It might sound a bit bureaucratic, but maybe adding section and subsection numbers would make that a bit clearer? By scolling down the page for example, I found it quite difficult to see that 'Quantitative research - New Data' is a subsection of 'During The Research' which is a subsection of 'Sound Data Management Training'.