Research Management

The data management concerns of a PI will largely revolve around planning and appraisal of data management for research projects: to make sure that they conform with institutional policy and funder requirements; and to ensure that the data management needs of the research project are met.

A data management plan (e.g. for use in a grant proposal) will show that you have considered:
  • the costs of preserving your data;
  • funder requirements for data preservation and publication;
  • institutional data management policy
  • and ethical issues surrounding data management (e.g. data relating to human participants).
Specific areas to examine may include:

After the project is completed, an appraisal of how the data was managed should be carried out as part of the project's "lessons learned".

Data management training should provide an overview of all the above, and keep PIs informed of any changes in the above that affect data management requirements.