Publishing Data Through Journals

When a paper is published, some journals will accept "supplementary materials" with the article for publication on the journal web-site. This puts the data with the article online, but it is worth checking the publisher's terms and conditions for supplementary materials - e.g. JASA request a transfer of copyright on the materials. In addition, the publisher may not give any guarantees regarding how long they will provide the supplementary materials for.

The Sherpa/Romeo site collates open access policies from journals to indicate which forms of Open Access for papers are supported by each journal. Some journals only support "Gold" Open Access (in which you need to pay a fee for your paper to be freely available via the journal web-site), other journals also support "Green" Open Access allowing self-archiving of papers on your own web-site. The details of policies below were collated in September 2012, and may have changed since.

Journals Accepting Supplementary Data

Of the journals most commonly asssociated with C4DM outputs, six allow the addition of supplemental materials when publishing a paper:

Journals not Accepting Supplementary Data

The Journal of the Audio Engineering Society doesn't currently support data attachments for papers. [Sherpa/Romeo]

Other journals used by C4DM

The policies of the following journals regarding supplementary materials are unknown. If you are publishing through one of these journals please ask for their policies.