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  • Re-use, sharing, and archiving sensitive research data: a practical overview - slideshow (Jorum)
  • How data centres and repositories can help with research data management (Jorum)
  • University of Glasgow: bidding for grant funding workflow (Jorum)
  • University of Cambridge: bidding for funding workflow (Jorum)
  • The university ethics process and how it impacts on making creative work (Jorum)
  • The benefits of sharing research data (Jorum)
Digital media:
  • Managing music data (Jorum)
  • Managing multimedia research data (Jorum)
  • Working with digital media files (Jorum)
Sensitive data:
  • Archiving sensitive research data (Jorum)
  • Managing sensitive data in performing arts - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • Re-use, sharing, and archiving sensitive research data: a practical overview - slideshow (Jorum)
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Research Data: Focus on copyright - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • Who owns IPR? - flowchart (Jorum)
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR) and the creation and use research materials (Jorum)
  • Intellectual property rights and University of Cambridge: Focus on patents and commercialisation - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • How the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) applies to research data (Joprum)
  • FAQ for Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests for Research Data - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • Using the UK Freedom of Information Act: A practical guide for researchers - narrated slideshow (Jorum)
  • What options do researchers have when asked to release their data by an FOI request? (Jorum)
  • UK research funders' data policies (Jorum)
  • Organising files and folders (Jorum)
  • Adding metadata to Microsoft Office documents (Jorum)
  • Choosing the right digital storage media for you (Jorum)
  • Selecting which data to keep (Jorum)
  • Common Image Formats (Jorum)
  • Selecting which data to keep at University of Glasgow (Jorum)
  • Version control across devices (Jorum)
  • ("Jorum":)
  • ("Jorum":)